quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Let the storm rage on.

Within rain and sun, in the midst of it all... I have discovered a dark truth in me, I cannot be the same kid I was before, I can't go back to those old times, instead, I have become a Man, started to believe in a "happy ending".
It wasn't all my fault you see? she led me into it, and then she "left"... Just Friends... a phrase that I had never known before, it wasn't something that I was used to hear, and so... I decided that I had to fight, fight for something that was not mine at all, for someone that was impossible for me to have, to have those eyes with me for a little bit longer... to be able to talk to talk to her until dawn again, to be able to hold her hand and laugh with her as we walked through the streets in Lisbon during a cold night with rain, and so I gave her my coat, leaving myself in the mercy of the bad weather. I was cold... but not that cold, and the only reason why I wasn't cold was because she was right next to me, holding my arm, and that simple moment gave me all the strenght I had before, and I realised how far I had fallen this time.

So... it was time to get myself back up, quit my job, get a better job, start going to the gym, restart trekking... Get better for myself, not for you.

But even with everything else going on, all I could think about was her, her eyes, her hair, her stupid stupid laugh, the simple way she winked, that stupid smile she does or the way she LOVES chocolate, she was in everything my kind of woman, the kind that can stay alongside you again, I don't know for how long, but oh well... one never does!

And now I just think... what should I do? should I fight a little bit more for someone who doesn't want me? or should I quit? and so... I turn to you, and try to find my answer.