segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013


Once you start going down a certain road it's almost impossible for someone to take you out of it... You build walls all around you higher than all the glory and light that you can show and you just keep stuck inside that walls, you choose the darkness.

It's not that it is better then light, but it is much less painfull to be in the darkness, to be lurking in the shadows of your own soul, and so you kill yourself a little bit in the inside to become dark, and you start, slowly, getting darker. Through that path you always hope that someone with a light so bright comes and is able to destroy your walls but, alas, that seldomly happens, and so you become dark, and darker... until you get to a place where you can't get any more darkness, you see... the trick is, that you have to have some light to have darkness, you can never go full dark, but you can try...

I had swore that I would never go dark again, that I would hang on to the light, so I could help the ones that needed... but I just can't fight it anymore, the Darkness in me is too strong, she calls me every day, she asks me to join, to become darkness... and so my light begins to fail and I give in to the Darkness, and that cold embrace that I have learned to love... and I will follow it, until there is no way of comming back exept the light of another.

And so dies one old self, to emerge another old one.

And so The Godfather comes back...

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Anónimo disse...

Light is one with darkness. Whenever you're with me, no darkness shall be found in you, you pulled me out and if i could do half of what you did to me, i would feel extremely lucky already